Bring your Idea to Life in Less Than 15 Minutes

From having an idea to creating a landing page to receiving interested subscribers - Validate has you covered

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Validate provides you with the technical tools and the copywriting methods broken down into simple and quick steps so you have a landing page up and running super-quick.

Receive signups on your idea (or not, which is an important realization as well) and ask questions in an automated follow-up email. Enjoy clarity as an early-stage founder.

Create powerful copy with Validate's in-app guide, even if you think you can't write.

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Hand-crafted, beautiful design templates increase your credibility.

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No domain needed - you can choose a free subdomain for each of your projects.

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Capture email signups and prepare emails that are sent automatically as follow-up.

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What makes Validate so uniquely powerful?

Save money

Instead of paying extra for a website template, web-hosting, a domain and an email signups provider, Validate is all you need to get started, literally.

Perfect for Early-Stage

You want feedback on your idea but not sure where to begin? Validate gives you tools to ship a landing page that people can understand.

Sane Defaults

Stop getting lost in details. Intentional simplicity and sane defaults so you can't waste weeks tweaking every possible setting.

What customers say about Validate

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Tonya Grubbs

Founder of Slide35

With validate I was able to have a landing page up within an hour - and one that I feel confident about! I had tried elsewhere and it took me over 2 weeks to get something I didn't feel proud of.

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Sinan Ayhan

Founder of CovidQuickCheck

I was spending too much time on the landing page rather than just getting something shipped that people can understand. Validate freed my time for more important things.

Way Cheaper than duct-taping together different solutions

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Access to all of Validate's features and design templates.

Beautiful Landing Page Templates
Copy Creation Wizard
Automatic Welcome Emails
Infinite Projects / Landingpages
Infinite Email Signups
Infinite Broadcast Emails
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Popular Questions

Can I have multiple landing pages?

Yes! At Validate, you can have infinite simultaneous projects that all can be active at the same time at no extra cost.

What kind of support do you offer?

The live chat icon on the bottom right is always available and I'll do my best to personally solve all of your problems and answer your questions extremely quickly. That's a promise.

How does the email capture work?

If a visitor clicks on the call to action button on your landing page, they'll be shown the subscribe form.

You'll see them inside your CRM and can interact with them from there.

Prepare automatic follow-what?

You can pre-write an email for each landing page inside your validate CRM (I call it the "welcome email").

This email is sent to each signup after they've confirmed their email address. It's a powerful automation you can use to ask for why they signed up or what their biggest problems in that area are.

How is Validate quicker and easier than other tools?

Validate is not a generic landing page builder and thus can do many things that a generic tool couldn't. It helps you write copy, predefines a structure and has usecase specific tools like the welcome email.

Any other questions or remarks?

Use the live chat widget on the bottom right to ask any questions you have, I'll be glad to help you or just have a chat 😁.

takes 10 minutes, no credit card required